Various gamers around the web report a glitch in the PS4 exclusive Nioh that causes their saves to be erased whenever they try to create a new character from scratch.

Nioh is a game that has built a reputation on its extreme level of difficulty, pushing players to the limit and challenging them to battle endless waves of incredibly dangerous enemies. Some players find this kind of game frustrating, but far more frustrating than any enemy encounter in Nioh is the possibility that one’s hard work can be completely erased by a newly discovered glitch in the game.

As reported online by Nioh players on various forums, and ultimately collected by Eurogamer, it appears as though some people are losing their progress in the game after creating a new character. Not everyone that creates a new character is running into this glitch and it’s unclear what else triggers it, but anyone playing Nioh should hold off on making new characters until Team Ninja releases a patch to fix the problem.

While Team Ninja has yet to release a statement on the matter, it’s a safe bet that the studio will release a patch for the glitch sooner rather than later. After all, Team Ninja has shown solid support for Nioh since launch, releasing an update for the game on the same day as its release, with plans to continue supporting it throughout the year.


It’s true that Team Ninja has been supportive of Nioh since launching it last week, but it’s worth noting that not everyone was thrilled with the changes it made to the game in the first update. With the first update for Nioh, Team Ninja decided to change the way co-op works in the game, making it only possible to play with a friend in a level after it’s already been completed solo. Players that were relying on the ability to play with a friend have had to turn to other methods to make the game a bit easier, such as slowing down enemies and using other tricks.

Of course, it’s hard to see how an update to Nioh that fixes this newly discovered game-breaking bug would be as controversial as the game’s first patch. Assuming such a patch doesn’t cause new issues, it should be embraced by the community. And if Team Ninja really wants to please its fans, it may want to return the co-op functionality to how it was in the game’s pre-release demos with the probable glitch-fixing patch, especially since some consumers likely bought the game with the intention of playing through it in co-op.

The co-op controversy and this unfortunate glitch aside, Nioh has earned rave reviews across the board. More than one publication has hailed it as a return to form for Team Ninja, and it has left fans excited to see if the studio’s next game will be just as good. Hopefully Team Ninja can fix this glitch soon so that the goodwill it regained with gamers isn’t lost.

Nioh is available now, exclusively for PlayStation 4.