DICE and Electronic Arts officially tease the inclusion of a new mode with the name Frontlines for its World War I-inspired first-person shooter, Battlefield 1.

About a month ago, the developers for Battlefield 1 provided some details for the game’s first piece of paid post-launch content known as They Shall Not Pass, with DICE and Electronic Arts mentioning in passing the decision to include a new mode for fans called Frontlines. Now, the companies have offered up a better idea as to what the fresh game mode for Battlefield 1will provide when the upcoming expansion finally launches next month.

As seen below in the video courtesy of the official Battlefield YouTube channel, Frontlines is set to bring about a gameplay experience to Battlefield 1 that’s similar to a mashup of both Conquest and Rush, as the maps have been broken up into a series of straightforward of objectives for players to complete – only one of which is active at any given time – with soldiers starting somewhere in the middle of a kind of tug-of-war situation. In order to progress through this first phase, one of the fighting sides will need to capture all the objectives on the way to the enemy base.

As soon as one faction reaches the other’s base in Battlefield 1‘s Frontlines mode, their objective becomes different, as they will then need to destroy two telegraph posts inside the stronghold. Unfortunately for those on the offensive, the defending team can use the telegraphs to call upon artillery strikes during this phase in order to make it much more difficult for the group inside the base attempting to dismantle the posts. Eventually, when the telegraph posts are completely out of working order, or the attacking side runs out of reinforcements, the second phase effectively ends.

However, should the second phase in Battlefield 1‘s Frontlines mode end with the group on the offensive not having any more reinforcements, the game starts back over with the first phase, causing players to fight against one another to complete the first set of objectives once more. The match will end completely once a successful attack on two telegraph posts for one team occurs, or when the timer runs out entirely.

For those who aren’t too interested in what Battlefield 1‘s Frontline mode has to offer, the game’s They Shall Not Pass DLC will also provide a bevy of new gameplay materials, including, but not limited to the addition of the French army, four brand new maps, fresh classes, new vehicles, and more. In order to get ready for what is to be the first of four paid expansions for Battlefield 1, fans should be sure they’ve downloaded and applied the game’s Winter Update, which fixes bugs, unnerfs the Martini-Henry, adds map-voting, ribbons, and even incorporates new customization options to multiplayer. Of course, those who are anxiously awaiting They Shall Not Pass and the rest of the DLC packs planned for Battlefield 1 can prep for their arrival by obtaining the game’s Premium Pass right now.

Battlefield 1 is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.